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Yoga Pose

The Hollistic Approach

   By definition, “holistic” means ‘relating to the whole or complete system rather than individual parts – medicine to treat both the mind and body.’Stress and trauma present themselves in many forms throughout the body,

with issues from one part of the body often manifesting in other parts.

True healing requires looking at the whole body rather than single sections.

At Sage Yoga Center, we offer services to help people start feeling their best inside and out. The practice of yoga has been around for over 5000 years with more than 11 million Americans enjoying its health benefits.

Research has shown that regular yoga practice decreases stress and boosts energy in addition to increasing strength and flexibility. We encourage you to come learn the beautiful art of yoga with us.


Through our regular classes or one-on-one sessions, you will give yourself an opportunity to slow down,

focus on the present, and gain clarity.


At our new facility, we also offer therapeutic massage for those in need of additional therapy.


Massage offers physical and emotional benefits.


Come take some time to unwind and reconnect in a personal massage session.

In addition to our yoga and massage services, we also help people who are dealing with difficult issues or problems that leave them feeling stuck. Debbie Bowen, a licensed counselor, helps clients work through their conflicts so that they can feel a sense of peace, improve their relationships, and move forward with new tools and solutions.



Come and find peace at the Sage Yoga Center – a refuge away from the tension and strains of daily life. We offer a range of services to help you feel your best and connect mind – body – and spirit. No matter where you are on your own personal journey, Sage Yoga will help you achieve your best.

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