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Sage Yoga Instructors

Who We Are

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1992 and enjoy working with people for muscle soreness, pain management, and relaxation to promote better health and well being. I am often asked how I got interested in massage therapy and I think it was just a good fit for me. I like working with people and learning new ways to help people. Practicing massage therapy has given me the opportunity to do both.


In 2005, I completed the requirements to be a Licensed Professional Counselor because I became more and more interested in the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. People often wonder if the two work together and at times they do work together such as for pain management and stress relief. There has been some promising research on massage therapy helping with depression and anxiety.

As a professional counselor, my beliefs are that people can change. Creating a respectful, trusting environment can give people the hope and courage to develop new ways of thinking and new skills. These can help people cope with life and help create better relationships with the people they care about. I know your time is important so it may help to know what to expect from your appointment. Massage therapy sessions are usually 1 hour and counseling sessions are 50 minutes. I accept most major insurance for counseling.

Debbie Bowen


Debbie Bowen, MED, LPC, LMT

Shanas Harris

Yoga Instructor

I am a mom of four who has been practicing yoga since I learned from my own mom!  I have teaching yoga for 13 years and love the flow of connecting the breath and body.  I believe a yoga practice has benefits for every body,  from the tired mom to the elite athlete.  I enjoy teaching people of all ages and ability to find a flow that works for their body and life.  I am also a holistic health coach and believe a health practice should focus on the whole person.  I would love to have you in class or work with you one on one.

Shanas Harris, yoga instructor

Clarissa Pyeatt

Yoga Instructor

Clarissa Pyeatt, yoga instructor

I began practicing yoga for exercise in 2010, and quickly fell in love! Through my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Master Degree in Human Communication I seek to share yoga to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.


I  achieved my first yoga certification in 2011 and finished my 200 RYT (Yoga Alliance Recognized Yoga Teacher Certification) in 2013; E-200 RYT in 2015 and 500 RYT in 2017 through YogaFit Worldwide Training Systems. I seek to improve as an instructor and strives to pass on the love of yoga to all students, including those with PTSD and/or are trauma sensitive, leading me to attain the YogaFit 100hr Warrior Certification.


My abundance of fun classes has led to teaching over 5,000 hours of yoga. There are so many avenues to pursue yoga - Beginning to Advanced, Kids to Seniors, Restorative to Sweat. I enjoy sharing with everyone at every level how Yoga blesses the body through improved immunity, energy, strength and calmness.

Soluna Edmonds

Yoga Instructor

Image 11-24-21 at 6_edited.jpg

Are you breathing, or are you holding your breath? If you’re holding, just allow it to move. 

Our breath is one of our most potent and accessible keys to healing and happiness. Conscious breath is a focal point in my life and in my classes. 


I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 7 years and continue to grow and deepen my practice everyday. I was raised in a family that largely valued health and wellness. Before I found yoga I was a competitive gymnast for 5 years as well as a dancer. 


 As of early this year I am a certified level 2 Usui reiki practitioner. I believe our bodies are fully capable of healing themselves and I am honored to have a part in creating a safe space for your mind, body, and spirit to do so with ease. 

I am passionate about supporting people in remembering their true Selves and facilitating change and healing on all levels.


In my spare time I enjoy being in nature, reading, and spending time with my dog, Jay. 


I am devoted to permanent self-expansion and remembering who I Am. I look forward to doing this alongside you whether it be in a yoga class or one on one reiki session. 

Ashlee Justice

Barre Instructor

Ashlee is a local licensed professional counselor, an Abilene native, a "neuro-nerd," and a passionate advocate for guiding others in finding themselves through a mind, body and soul connection. Beginning dance herself at age 3, Ashlee has enjoyed participating in classic ballet, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, and jazz styles of dance throughout her life. She enjoys the amazing benefits as well as the calming, yet surprising and exciting strength that ballet techniques add to our bodies and minds. She also believes that just because you may not have a formal or '"ancy" dance history, doesn't mean you can't dance through life..

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